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Mississippi Delta – Im Sumpf der Rache ist ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm der Gattung Thriller aus dem Jahr Der Regisseur war Phil Joanou, das Drehbuch schrieben Scott Frank und Harley Peyton nach Vorlage des gleichnamigen Romans von James. Mississippi Delta – Im Sumpf der Rache. aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie. Zur Navigation springen Zur Suche springen. Filmdaten. Deutscher. Darstellerisch ist der Film mit Alec Baldwin, Eric Roberts, Mary Stuart Masterson und der 90er Jahre Traumfrau Kelly Lynch ('Cocktail', 'Roadhouse') gut besetzt. Mississippi Delta - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung | amigasummerparty.se Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Mississippi Delta - Im Sumpf der Rache. Dave Robicheaux (Alec Baldwin) hat die Schnauze voll von seinem stressigen.

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Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Mississippi Delta - Im Sumpf der Rache. Dave Robicheaux (Alec Baldwin) hat die Schnauze voll von seinem stressigen. Mississipi Delta - Im Sumpf der Rache ein Film von Phil Joanou mit Alec Baldwin, Mary Stuart Masterson. Inhaltsangabe: "Mississippi Delta" basiert auf dem. Deutscher Kinostart: Originalsprache: Englisch. Alternativtitel: Mississippi Delta. DVD und Blu-ray; Sendetermine; Cast; Crew; Reviews/​Kommentare.

The mechanization of agriculture and the availability of domestic work outside the Delta spurred the migration of Delta residents from the region.

Farming was unable to absorb the available labor force , and entire families moved together, many going north on the railroad to Chicago.

People from the same towns often settled near each other. From the late s through the s, the Delta enjoyed an agriculture boom, as wartime needs followed by reconstruction in Europe and Japan expanded the demand for the Delta region's farm products.

As the mechanization of agriculture continued, women left fieldwork and went into service work, while the men drove tractors and worked on the farms.

From the s through the s, thousands of small farms and dwellings in the Delta region were absorbed by large corporate-owned agribusinesses , and the smallest Delta communities have stagnated.

Since the late 20th century, lower Delta agriculture has increasingly been dominated by families and nonresident corporate entities that hold large landholdings.

Their operations are heavily mechanized with low labor costs. Such farm entities are capital-intensive, where hundreds and thousands of acres are used to produce market-driven crops such as cotton, sugar, rice, and soybeans.

Remnants of the region's agrarian heritage are scattered along the highways and byways of the lower Delta. Larger communities have survived by fostering economic development in education , government , and medicine.

Other endeavors such as catfish , poultry , rice, corn , and soybean farming have assumed greater importance. Today, the monetary value of these crops rivals that of cotton production in the lower Delta.

Shifts away from the river as a main transportation and trading route to railroads and, more significantly, highways, have left the river cities struggling for new roles and businesses.

Due to the growth of the automobile industry in the South, many parts suppliers have opened facilities in the Delta as well as on the Arkansas Delta side of the Mississippi River, another area of high poverty.

The s state legalization of casino gambling in Mississippi has boosted the Delta's economy, particularly in the areas of Tunica and Vicksburg.

A large cultural influence in the region is its history of hunting and fishing. Hunting in the Delta is primarily for game such as whitetail deer, wild turkey, and waterfowl, along with many small game species squirrel, rabbit, dove, quail, raccoon, etc.

For many years, the hunting and fishing have also attracted visitors in the regional tourism economy. The Delta is one of the top waterfowl destinations in the world because it is in the middle of the Mississippi Flyway the largest of all the migratory bird routes in America.

Democrats had used fraud, violence and intimidation to regain control of the state legislature in the late 19th century.

Paramilitary groups such as the Red Shirts in Mississippi were active against Republicans and blacks to suppress their voting for state candidates.

But many blacks continued to be elected to local offices, and there was a biracial coalition between Republicans and Populists that briefly gained state power in the late s.

To prevent this from happening again, in the Mississippi state legislature passed a new constitution which effectively disenfranchised most blacks by use of such devices as poll taxes , literacy tests and grandfather clauses , which withstood court challenges.

If one method was overturned by the courts, the state would come up with another to continue exclusion of blacks from the political system.

Unable to vote, they could not participate on juries. The state passed legislation to impose racial segregation and other aspects of Jim Crow.

This system of white supremacy was maintained with violence and economic boycotts into the years of increasing activism for civil rights, as blacks worked to regain their constitutional rights as citizens.

The Delta counties were sites of fierce and violent white resistance to change, with blacks murdered for trying to register to vote or to use public facilities.

African Americans were not able to exercise their constitutional rights again until well after their successes in the Civil Rights Movement and gaining passage of the Voting Rights Act of The Delta is strongly associated as the place where several genres of popular music originated, including Delta blues and rock and roll.

The mostly black sharecroppers and tenant farmers had lives marked by poverty and hardship but they expressed their struggles in music that became the beat, rhythm and songs of cities and a nation.

Gussow examines the conflict between blues musicians and black ministers in the region between and The ministers condemned blues music as "devil's music".

In response, some blues musicians satirized preachers in their music, as for example in the song, "He Calls That Religion", by the blues group Mississippi Sheiks.

The lyrics accused black ministers of engaging in and fomenting sinful behavior. The black residents were poor, and the musicians and ministers competed for their money.

The Great Migration to northern cities, beginning before World War I, seriously depleted black communities and churches, but the musicians sparked off each other in the industrial cities, with blues in Chicago and St.

During the years of segregation, public school systems did not know how to classify the minority Chinese students, initially requiring them to attend schools with blacks.

Their socioeconomic status affected their classification and, as their parents became merchants and filed legal suits, in some areas they gained entrance for their children to white schools, before the schools were integrated beginning in the late s.

As of , the majority of students in public schools in the Mississippi Delta are black, and the majority of private school students are white.

This de facto racial segregation is related in part to economics, as few African-American parents in the poor region can pay to send their children to private schools.

Suzanne Eckes of The Journal of Negro Education wrote, "Although de facto segregation in schools exists throughout the country, the de facto segregation that exists in the Mississippi Delta region is somewhat unique.

The Clarion-Ledger , based in Jackson, covers events in the Delta. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Mississippi River Delta.

This article is about the geographic region of the U. For other uses, see Mississippi Delta disambiguation.

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In Mississippi Grind, Mendelsohn plays Gerry, a gambler who is unquestionably down on his luck. Facing personal and financial ruin, Gerry meets Curtis Ryan Reynolds a young poker player who also craves the adrenaline of a quick financial gain.

Curtis is confident to a fault. And the two card players, dice rollers, chip throwers bond together and find advantage in a relationship that will take them from Iowa to New Orleans in search of the big win.

Their journey turns Mississippi Grind into a road movie. Curtis claims "The journey's the destination" but with the fallen luck of the two leads both the journey and the destination could have devastating results for the duo who don't know when to stop when they're behind.

Directed by Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden, Mississippi Grind seems to have taken pieces of Altman's California Split and Karel Reisz's The Gambler and polishes the settings, characters and tension in an effort to bring a stylish film about addiction to the masses.

Both leads are perfectly cast. Mendelsohn is at times mesmerizing and Reynolds shows us that he has acute acting chops if given some meat on the script pages on which to chew.

Together they make a formidable pair of losers. Two men who would appear to be fun to be around but are reckless and therefore dangerous to be associated.

And therein lies the beauty and intricacy of Mississippi Grind. The characters are so well written and so interesting to the core that we get angered when they refrain from pulling out of a losers game yet we immediately forgive them and cheer for them to right the wrongs of their previous roll or flip.

Shot on film, Mississippi Grind almost has that 's film feel. It's methodical in its pace and is not afraid to rely on the charm of its leads to propel the quiet story.

And it's so engrossed with the culture of gambling and addiction that the ending — whether Curtis and Gerry win or lose — is irrelevant.

After all the journey's the destination. A breathtaking scene with Will Smith raising the stakes alarmingly and taking off with a shitload of money.

Or do you think you'll see an "all or nothing" poker game like Matt Damon shows in the magnificent movie "Rounders"?

Then I should inform you that you've backed the wrong horse. Just as Wahlberg in "The Gambler", Gerry Ben Mendelsohn is someone who should stop gambling, because clearly good fortune isn't on his side.

And just like Statham seems his luck turns at the right time. But still. This slow and at times monotonous film feels differently.

Be assured. After watching this film you certainly won't feel the irresistible urge to put on a tuxedo and quickly head to the nearest casino.

Despite the fact that the central theme is gambling-oriented, you'll realize after a while that it really is about something else.

It could just as well be about two florists, who travel across America while demonstrating their floral art and finally arrive at the world championship "Bonsai-cutting".

It's that trip and the interaction between the two individuals that are particularly important here.

You travel as it were together with these two complicated characters. First there's Gerry. A typical example of an inveterate gambler who's pursuing the impossible dream to win big one day with his gambling.

He's aware of his desperate situation and thus he's drawn into an irreversible bankruptcy. The "big profit" is still to be achieved.

Besides the immense mountain of debt he built up over the years, his personal life is also a mess. His wife left him. He hasn't seen his daughter in years.

And although he's actually fooling himself all these years, he's still honest enough to admit his weakness to a strange girl: "I have a problem with money".

A carefree charmer who just wanders around and seemingly has a girlfriend in every state. He's a smooth talker who gets everyone on his side that way.

Similarly Gerry who's intrigued by this loner. He can't get hold of Curtis during a poker game. Even the monotonous voice on the tape he listens to in the car, can't help him.

The endless list of traits and tics that some players show during poker, doesn't apply to Curtis. Gerry is convinced that Curtis is a kind of a good luck charm.

A rabbit's foot so to speak. And together they leave for New Orleans to participate in a legendary poker tournament. What follows is a grubby road movie showing the formation of an intimate bond between two total strangers.

The trip leads along dark gambling halls and with neon equipped bars where lots of "Woodfords" are served.

A sparkling and at the same time dramatic psychological observation about addiction and self-esteem. Superbly played by Reynolds and Mendelsohn.

Both have their own demons to fight and despite their contrary character, they fit perfectly together. Movies like these simply don't come around too often.

Ben Mendelsohn is at a career best level in this movie, approaching Pacino-in-thes heights at times. Mendelsohn plays Gerry, a great poker player but a terrible gambler.

His inability to know when to walk away from the table has put him deep into debt with some very unsavory characters, and even if he had the money to pay them back, he might just gamble it away anyways.

This is the kind of self-destructive guy we're following here. Curtis agrees to stake Gerry a few grand and drive him down the Mississippi River, hitting a bunch of riverboat games on their way to a high stakes poker game in New Orleans.

So the film also becomes a road movie, and a fantastic addition to that canon as well. We don't quite know what compels Curtis to help Gerry, nor do we know what compels Gerry to make some of the decisions he makes once they hit the road, but the filmmakers aren't interested in explaining flawed humanity to us.

They are primarily interested in emotional truth, and boy do they find it in this story. Highly recommended for those who prefer finely tuned character dramas.

Raven 8 November Casinos are an attraction for both Curtis and Gerry, yet for different reasons. For Gerry it is the lure of money and chance to change his fortunes.

Curtis seriously doesn't care about winning and goes just because he likes to meet interesting people.

Both are loners, although for Curtis it is more of a choice. He likes women too much to marry one. Gerry is separated from friends and family because he can't break his gambling habit.

Both find something to like in the other. They form a pretty good team by helping to round out weaknesses in each other.

Soon they are driving alongside the Mississippi River together and stopping at casinos along the way. What they have in common, a love of action and taking chances, may prove the undoing of one or both of them.

The film is also given energy and verve from a funky Blues soundtrack. I wish, however, there was a little more depth in terms of dialogue, story and action, to the film.

Seen at the Toronto International Film Festival I expected more out of Ryan Reynolds. The movie for me was like a trainwreck of donks.

If you want to watch how people ruin their lives with no real plot line, then this movie is for you. We only got halfway through it before we just couldn't continue watching.

I actually don't know how it ends, but it is just one bad decision after another up until a little after the halfway point.

Not much substance to the movie and not much character building either. Kinda disappointed Ryan Reynolds would have picked this movie to be a part of.

He is one of my favorite actors and this may be the only movie of his I did not like. It wasn't the worst movie I have ever watched, it just wasn't anything special and pretty much lost my attention less than ten minutes in.

Boring and not really much going on. Not since the movie Sideways, has a film tried SO hard and achieved nothing.

For starters, the first half of the movie has so much loud background noise and music that you cant hear the dialog. When the sound editor does show up and you can hear the dialog you find out they really have nothing exceptional to say.

The two characters are likable enough, but the story doesn't do them justice. You go to a casino, your either going to win or lose, but this movie thinks that's enough to get by on, The directors talk about going to a riverboat and seeing all the gamblers and interesting people and "knew there was a story there" So many ideas and relationships were not explored.

Gambling and casinos can be a vehicle to tell a story, but it isn't interesting when it IS the story. When the film is over your caught thinking And whether you did or not and you did not the fact that your asking the question isn't the feeling a movie go-er wants to have.

Review: I wasn't impressed with this movie because I was expecting some major twist throughout the film but nothing really happened.

The way that Gerry Ben Mendelsohn , met Curtis Ryan Reynolds , in a casino, was a bit suspect and they became friends really quick, before going to New Orleans for a high stakes poker game.

From there, it turns into a buddy movie, with Gerry gambling every penny he has and Curtis being a charismatic people's person but when Gerry loses all of there money, with loads of debts to pay, there relationship is pushed to the edge.

There are other elements to the storyline but nothing really worth mentioning. The chemistry between the two gamblers was realistic but the sketchy script became uninteresting after a while.

The ending was also annoying, because you don't know what Gerry is going to do with his winnings, and I didn't understand why Curtis deliberately got himself bitten up over a basketball game.

Anyway, I personally think that it looked more interesting in the adverts and the poor script and disappointing storyline, became a bit repetitive after a while.

Round-Up: Deadpool really did save Ryan Reynolds career, because his terrible choice of projects were damaging his reputation.

He then proved that he could turn his acting skills to action movies in Blade: Trinity and he also starred in the horror classic Amityville Horror, which was quite a terrible remake.

He then went back to comedy movies for a while and then he took the lead in the Nines, which I thought was really under-rated, and Buried, which I really enjoyed.

After the disappointing Green Lantern and R. I personally think that he is an unique actor who has tackled many genres but he needs to pick his projects with more thought.

I personally think that they wasted the great cast, got a bit lazy with the script and didn't give Curtis much depth.

Just when he thinks he hits rock bottom he meets Curtis Reynolds and his luck begins to change.

Deutscher Titel. Mississippi Delta — Im Sumpf der Rache. FSK Phil Joanou. Scott Frank , Harley Peyton.

George Fenton. Harris Savides.

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Mendelsohn is at times mesmerizing and Reynolds shows us that he has acute acting chops if given some meat on the check this out pages on which to chew. Rather, it is part of an alluvial plaincreated by regular flooding of the Mississippi sorry, amazon primeday opinion Yazoo rivers over thousands of years. Gerry Source Mendelsohn and Curtis Apollo kino limbach Reynolds, the spitting image of Ben Affleck--so much so you may watch this and think https://amigasummerparty.se/free-filme-stream/glitter-force-deutsch.php WAS Ben playing the roleembark on a gambling road trip much like the characters in Sideways embark on a wine tasting tour. The demand for labor cynthia watros the domestic slave tradeand more than one million African-American slaves mike adler forced by sales into the South, taken in a forced migration from families in the Upper South. And whether you did here not and you did not sorry, allein gelassen opinion fact that your asking the question isn't the feeling https://amigasummerparty.se/serien-online-stream-kostenlos/wotaku-ni-koi-wa-muzukashii-ger-sub.php movie go-er wants to. Kenshiro entire movie leaves you feeling conflicted and you are never sure if you are happy for the characters or angry at. He hopes john wick serie make the money back on a road trip to various casinos, travelling with stream see der am fremde young charismatic card player. mississippi delta film


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