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Jennifer's Body – Jungs nach ihrem Geschmack ist ein US-amerikanischer Horrorfilm mit Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Handlung; 2 Hintergrund; 3 Kritik; 4 Synchronisation; 5 Soundtrack; 6 Weblinks; 7 Einzelnachweise. Jennifer's Body - Jungs nach ihrem Geschmack. Jetzt streamen: Jetzt auf Amazon Video und 2 weiteren. Nach einem fehlgeschlagenen satanischen Ritual ist Jennifer von einem Dämon besessen. Ihr Verlangen nach Menschenfleisch stillt sie, indem sie ihre. - Kaufen Sie Jennifer's Body - Jungs nach ihrem Geschmack Italienisch; Region: Region 2; Bildseitenformat: - ; Anzahl Disks: 1; FSK. Jennifer's Body - Jungs nach ihrem Geschmack ein Film von Karyn Kusama mit Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried, Johnny Simmons.

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Jennifer Body 2: The Return of Jennifer Check Reads 1 Vote 1 Part Story. Jennifer's Body – Il Corpo di Jennifer () streaming. HD Fox portrays a. Nach einem fehlgeschlagenen satanischen Ritual ist Jennifer von einem Dämon besessen. Ihr Verlangen nach Menschenfleisch stillt sie, indem sie ihre. Jennifer's Body - 2 neue Bilder von der besessenen Schönheit. Verfasst von am um Megan Fox erhielt vor einiger Zeit den Titel "sexiest. jennifers body 2 Noch während das Feuer wütet und einige Gäste verbrennen, fragt Nikolai die leicht angetrunkene Jennifer, ob sie noch mit in den Wagen der Band komme. FSK 18 ist wieder mal ein schlechter Witz. Aber tv app android kostenlos schmeckt die Suppe? User folgen 2 Follower Click die Kritiken. Kommentare zu Jennifer's Body - Jungs nach ihrem Geschmack werden geladen Ich erwähne das, weil ich mir schon lebhaft vorstellen kann wie Hassliebende von Megan Fox sich den Film ansehen in der Hoffnung ihn allein wegen der Schauspielerin irgendwie madig zu machen und dann information glut englisch consider aufpassen. Ghostbusters 2. Film Jennifer's Body in streaming ita.

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Dasselbe gilt natürlich für Amanda Seyfried als gar nicht mal so hässliches Entlein. Anmelden via Facebook. Nichts destotrotz war der erste bekanntere Film mit Megan Fox durchaus ein sehenswerter Streifen. Die guten Szenen bleiben eher nur Momentaufnahmen.

She immediately vomits a trail of black, spiny fluid and leaves in a hurry. The next morning at school, Jennifer appears fine and dismisses Needy's concerns.

While the town is devastated by the deaths caused by the fire, Jennifer seduces the school's football captain in the woods and disembowels him.

Meanwhile, the members of Low Shoulder gain popularity due to their falsely-rumored heroism confirmed by "the Wikipedia" during the fire and offer to make a charity appearance at the school's spring formal.

A month later, Jennifer has become pale. While Needy and her boyfriend Chip have sex, Needy senses something dreadful has happened. She leaves in a panic and almost runs over Jennifer, who is drenched in blood.

At home, she again encounters Jennifer, who explains that Low Shoulder had taken her into the woods after the bar fire and offered her as a virgin sacrifice to Satan in exchange for fame and fortune.

Although the sacrifice and demonic exchange were a success, Jennifer was not actually a virgin, so she became permanently possessed. Leaving the woods, Jennifer had encountered an exchange student leaving the scene of the fire and made him her first victim.

Jennifer states that when she has eaten, she can withstand virtually any injury without pain, healing instantly. The following day, Needy goes to the school library's occult section and determines that Jennifer is a succubus who must feed on flesh and can only be killed while she is hungry and weak.

Needy tells Chip about her discoveries about Jennifer and warns him not to attend the school dance. He does not believe her, so she breaks up with him in order to protect him.

Chip decides to attend the dance anyway but is intercepted by Jennifer, who takes him to an abandoned pool house and begins feeding on him.

Needy arrives there and fights Jennifer. Chip impales Jennifer through the stomach with a pool skimmer, but Jennifer removes it and escapes, while Chip dies.

Needy goes to Jennifer's home and breaks into her bedroom. She fights Jennifer and stabs her in the heart with a utility knife , killing her and destroying the demon.

Jennifer's mother enters and finds Needy on top of her daughter's body. Soon after, Needy is brought to an asylum. In her asylum room, she manifests some of Jennifer's supernatural powers, such as super strength and the ability to levitate , due to a non-fatal bite from Jennifer during the fight between them.

She escapes the mental facility, hitchhikes a ride to the hotel where Low Shoulder are staying, and murders them.

Jennifer's Body is the follow-up to writer and producer Diablo Cody's and Jason Reitman's collaboration efforts on Juno. Reitman commented, "We want to make unusual films, and anything that turns a genre on its ear interests Dan and I.

It was just so original, so imaginative", she stated. In February , a cease and desist was given to a writer at CC2K. Cody stated that when writing the script, she was "simultaneously trying to pay tribute to some of the conventions that we've already seen in horror, yet, at the same time, kind of turn them on their ear".

She wanted to "honor that, and at the same time, [she] had never really seen this particular subgenre done with girls and [she] tried to do a little of both".

Jennifer's Body could play on both of these aspects. Cody said she wanted the film to speak to female empowerment and explore the complex relationships between best friends.

I want to write roles that service women. I want to tell stories from a female perspective. I want to create good parts for actresses where they're not just accessories to men.

She wanted to show the "almost horrific" aspect of such devotion and its relation to parasitism. The producers decided to have the film open with the statement "Hell is a teenage girl" to reflect the "horrors" of puberty and that "the hellish emotions felt during high school often reappear as teenage girls mature into young women".

There's the scene where Jennifer's sitting alone smearing makeup on her face. I always thought that was such a sad image. She's so vulnerable.

I don't know any woman who hasn't had a moment sitting in front of the mirror and thinking, 'Help me, I want to be somebody else.

Cody crafted the story to follow a night that ends in a tragic fire, after which Jennifer is kidnapped and set up as a sacrifice which goes awry.

Jennifer, now possessed by a demon and subsequently altered into a succubus , sets out on a bloody rampage in which she devours boys, and it is up to Needy to stop her.

In sort of a reversal aspect of how puberty changes a girl's life , Jennifer must consume the blood of others once a month or she becomes weak and plain-looking.

I think it's always really satisfying and cathartic to see a character that was previously bullied become super human", said Cody.

I was never an Alpha female , and I've never gotten off with bullying other people", she said. The nickname "Needy" was given to Seyfried's character to underline the essentially condescending dynamic in Jennifer and Needy's high school relationship, [31] as Needy often admires Jennifer and feels she needs her.

Cody said "Jennifer is a product of a culture that pressures girls to be skinny, beautiful and just like movie stars" and that she "hopes the film inspires girls to take life into their own hands and do with it, what they want".

Assigned to direct the film, Kusama said, "I think also a lot of horror is about femaleness — whether it's Carrie or Rosemary's Baby.

Addressing her decision to have Jennifer and Needy be romantically intimate at one point during the film, which takes place in the form of a long and passionate kissing scene, Cody said she did not write the scene to score publicity.

The scene was "intended to be something profound and meaningful" to her and Kusama. Obviously we knew people were going to totally sensationalize it.

They're beautiful girls, the scene is hot—I'm not afraid to say that. There is a sexual energy between the girls which is kind of authentic, because I know when I was a teen-aged girl, the friendships that I had with other girls were almost romantic, they were so intense.

I wanted to sleep at my friend's house every night, I wanted to wear her clothes, we would talk on the phone until our ears ached.

I wanted to capture that heightened feeling you get as an adolescent that you don't really feel as a grownup.

Though the film is part comedy, Cody initially intended for it to be a "very dark, very brooding" traditional slasher film. Close to "a third of the way into the process" she felt that she was incapable of doing so because "the humor just kept sneaking in".

She stated, "I have a macabre sense of humor. A lot of the things in the movie that are horrifying are funny to me.

So, I actually think comedy and horror are kind of similar in that way. For Jennifer's demonic form, the creators used different techniques.

They did a live cast of me from the shoulders up. They created me and then put the teeth in", stated Fox. So it would go from me, then in post-production it would somehow go to her and the fake head.

They would mix them all together. For the "vomit scene" where Jennifer has just arrived at Needy's house after being murdered and inhabited by a demon, Fox said the liquid she was given to spit out "was actually Scratch the Hershey's because I don't want to endorse that or anything", she stated.

It goes around the back of my ear and then I bite down on it on the side of my face, like this, and it projectiles.

It's a tube Directing the scene, Kusama said it had a classic feel. Fox agreed, "Yeah, and it projects whatever that material was.

I'm not sure. It was pretty intense. I think it was worse for [Seyfried] because she's the one that got puked on.

I was the one doing the puking. For more practical special effects on the set as opposed to CG , Kusama said it "was a choice that we all sort of made organically".

She said they appreciate "those kind of effects in older movies and [questions] sometimes how much more effective it is to use a ton of CG" and that they "always started with a practical effect and then moved forward from there to lay a groundwork of something that's actually physically, materially there".

They found this to be more enjoyable. Erik Nordby of KNB known for his work on The Haunting in Connecticut , which also features co-star Kyle Gallner stated, "We immediately went into pitch mode in January and spent a solid two weeks trying to not only bid the script but also collect as much reference material and stuff for the first client get together.

From there, KNB "produced some tests, grabbing a bunch of stills from [Fox] and [did their] work to indicate how that balance could exist between special effects and visual effects and still maintain a level of subtlety" and that "[MPC] responded really well".

The teams wanted to "maintain some sort of the Megan Fox allure" but said that it was "incredibly difficult because as soon as [they] warped her face in any direction, the shine kind of came off it".

To combat this, they ended up focusing on anything below her nose, where they had the freedom to make things "as horrific as [they] needed to" and then above her nose, "[they] could manipulate it somewhat with warps and color correction in her eye sockets.

So even at her worst, she had some of that sexiness throughout". Nordby said most of the attention was devoted to Jennifer's face and that "very quickly in combination" with special effects and makeup, MPC thought up a five-station system for what Jennifer goes through.

Nordby stated:. Stage one is beautiful Jennifer and then two and three were strictly makeup where her eyes become more recessed and she would start to look plain like the rest of us.

And stage four was some custom dentures that KNB made for her, and then visual effects in stage four was mainly facial warping and recessing her eyes some more and having a pinning effect to her irises and a variety of other musculature deforms, just bringing her cheek bones down more.

And stage five was the full on, as crazy as it gets, which you don't really see until near the end. During testing, Nordby and the special effects teams realized that getting Fox in and out of the appliance used to create Jennifer's murderous jaw would be too time-consuming.

To remedy this, they hired a photo double. He said that "when it came time to shoot any of these jaw moments, [Fox] would act out in rehearsal how she was going to attack her victim and [they would] fine tune that blocking so it was relatively locked".

Additionally, the team would have Fox wear contact lenses and go through exactly the same motions as normal Jennifer. Nordby spent a significant amount of time shooting "the articulating jaw" scene because they had "ultimate control over how the light was hitting the head".

He said, "This so-called jaw shot became a pivotal point, because for four months of the post, the filmmakers thought the film was getting too scary so MPC pulled back on the jaw and then they thought it wasn't scary enough.

These different poses helped the two teams perfect the jaw scenes. MPC additionally worked on the disappearing waterfall that serves as Jennifer's grave when she is killed at the beginning of the film.

They transformed the mysterious waterfall into a whirlpool. And the night shots play a pivotal role in the film, and we do a huge crane over.

Nordby said, "I eventually lowered down a shot—a ton of reference of the area because I knew we'd have to do some digi-matte work to recreate the basin that the whirlpool ends up in.

During the film's fire scene, Cody appears as a character in the barroom. She had asked to be set on fire.

By the way, they would not allow me to do a full burn for insurance purposes, even though I argued that Burt Reynolds had done it once", stated Cody.

To me, there's nothing more horrifying than being stuck in a claustrophobic space as it is burning down so, to me, it was more like tapping into a personal fear.

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Rate This. A newly possessed high school cheerleader turns into a succubus who specializes in killing her male classmates.

Can her best friend put an end to the horror? Director: Karyn Kusama. Writer: Diablo Cody. Available on Amazon.

Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. Everything New on Disney Plus in June. Share this Rating Title: Jennifer's Body 5.

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Two Faced Edit Storyline Two filmmakers attempt to make the perfect sequel to "To Jennifer," but a dark secret threatens the lives of everyone involved.

Taglines: 2 Violent. Genres: Horror.

User folgen 2 Follower Lies die Kritiken. Nun hat sich die junge, attraktive Amerikanierin tatsächlich an einen Horrorfilm getraut, dessen Handlung förmlich auf die Akteurin zugeschnitten ist: Stream 2 phantastische tierwesen hd Jennifer Megan Fox wird eines Abend von einer Rockband entführt und aufgrund eines Rituals, welches an ihr durchgeführt wird, von einem Dämon besessen. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Dieser totale filmische Reinfall ist also sicherlich nicht ihre Kaffeeschrank, auch wenn ihre Leistungen sicherlich ausbaufähig sind. Kann man sich getrost sparen. Und das sollte man ihr nicht verübeln. Den Film kann man sich auf jedenfall anschauen. Scary Movie. David Mullen. Verteilung von 33 Kritiken per note. Gremlins - Kleine Monster. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Kommentar uns ausstieg unter. Anita eilt nach Hause und versucht, ihre schrecklichen Gedanken loszuwerden. 33 Userkritiken zum Film Jennifer's Body - Jungs nach ihrem Geschmack von 2​,3. Wertungen - 33 Kritiken. Verteilung von 33 Kritiken per note. 0 Kritik. Jennifer's Body - 2 neue Bilder von der besessenen Schönheit. Verfasst von am um Megan Fox erhielt vor einiger Zeit den Titel "sexiest. Jennifer Body 2: The Return of Jennifer Check Reads 1 Vote 1 Part Story. Jennifer's Body – Il Corpo di Jennifer () streaming. HD Fox portrays a.

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megan fox Jennifers Body clip30 Everything New autumn reeser Hulu in June. He said, "This so-called jaw shot became a pivotal point, because for four months of the post, the filmmakers thought the film was getting too scary so MPC pulled back on the jaw and then they thought it wasn't scary. Silversun Pickups. Bloody Disgusting. As a tie-in to the die rache der tiger, Boom!


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