Wer den wind sät

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Nordostwind nord öst|lich Nord-Ost|see-Ka|nal der, nur Sg. Nord|pst|wind der Landschaft in Nordwestfrankreich Nor|man|ne der nor|man|nisch nor|ma|t[v [lat.]. T. sg. Mindftos, m. ; det er os til Bebag og forpoielse) - ryge. c. - 8, Windsumi, f. ; - før, aj. mögen (i) ; (ogsaa) gedenten (i), Wil: winddürr, windtroden. A. Th. Wind Atmouph. stand | A. Th. Wind Atmosph. stand | A. Th. Wind Atmosph. S. s. amigasummerparty.se 5.“00 | W. g. S. s. | amigasummerparty.se | 4.“'09 W.s, g. r. 2. 0. 0 SO. s. g. tr. S. m. amigasummerparty.se |+ SW. s. g. T. | |-- NO. s. g. tr. - | S. g. T. stay against the wind –messer; –wärts, adr. windward towards the wind; Wo rks Zeit, „Wo T. windward 1. windy; sg. unsubstantial, airy, windy: uncertain: 2. K. vind, lit. wejas, Wind, ventus, wie das lat. uuinta. R. T. 43, 1. III. 8, T. d. uuiuuinte, turbine. Ja. VG. I. Sg. Pa. Ra. gl.

wer den wind sät

A. Th. Wind Atmouph. stand | A. Th. Wind Atmosph. stand | A. Th. Wind Atmosph. S. s. amigasummerparty.se 5.“00 | W. g. S. s. | amigasummerparty.se | 4.“'09 W.s, g. r. 2. 0. 0 SO. s. g. tr. S. m. amigasummerparty.se |+ SW. s. g. T. | |-- NO. s. g. tr. - | S. g. –trós, Adv – s | t | g, ö,, (FTs), ohne Hoffnung, Enr. – s | t | ör é o, 7, (ävéteoros), s u 0 s, 6, st. äsuos, v. yut, oder äo, alsó das Wehen, der Hauch, der Wind. The SG onshore wind turbine is made for high wind speeds and is a benchmark for efficiency, LCoE and reliability.

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Used for settling disputes. PoS IPA kon v. Women sing sad songs while grinding cereals on the millstone.

It is therefore the pride of a father to be succeeded by his children who should be the ones to bury their elders. Where a father has no male child, his brothers succeed him.

Where there are several male children from different wives, the assets are shared in equal proportions according to the number of wives that have male children.

After this, male children from the female side share what has been allocated to them. Women are generally given a small portion, although this is not compulsory, since they are expected to move out to their matrimonial homes.

However, some parents make specific bequests to daughters before their demise. A male child cannot inherit from his uncles.

However the uncles could give them a piece of land that would then revert back to the original owners. A piece of land could be loaned to a daughter to increase her income, but eventually would revert to her family.

Festivities were also organised during the period to exhibit good, horsemanship, bravery etc. This is thought to have a negative influence on the development of the child.

Whenever there is death or misfortune seers are consulted and the results are interpreted. This Mwaghavul-English dictionary: trial edition Mwaghavul pl.

Used during the initiation of children and other sacrificial ceremonies to the traditional spriit njii plant sp. It was also believed to deal with dubious members of the same household.

The absence of this deity today has given rise to all kinds of Mwaghavul-English dictionary: trial edition Mwaghavul pl.

Varieties rice are sun, bilat, zor, kuriep, cighirnighin, kutung grass sp. Kuzung kwaa p. When bridewealth is not paid and there is are children as a result of the relationship, they automatically remain with her parents until redeemed by the father or his relations making the appropriate payments.

Children born before any Mwaghavul-English dictionary: trial edition Mwaghavul pl. Sunday tree sp. This is permissible where many children are left behind.

The wife is therefore retained within the family to look after the children. The man does not therefore pay any dowry.

If an outsider is marrying the widow, he must pay dowry or refund the dowry paid by the deceased to his relations. Soft plant used to dress wounds after circumcision.

Agama agama rainbow red powder normally collected from the stream over stagnant water. The powder is used mostly during war or festivities?????

Long kat p. The offspring would be given to their grandson when he visited. Fyam woman who traditionally local dances popularised a local went anti-clockwise, but dance which later this particular one was bore her name clockwise.

The name in Mwaghavul signifies that longkat wealth is lacking or inadequate tallest hill in Panyam around Sekop area to overdo something bad e.

Panthera pardus minute website meat booty in a hunting Usually shared in the exercise following order; the two Mwaghavul-English dictionary: trial edition Mwaghavul pl.

The person who killed the animal takes the remainder meat from a hunt or traps etc lwaa yil n. Women do not hoe, but sow the seeds, transplant weed, harvest, thresh the fonio etc.

However, women also farm these days. Used when s. PoS IPA f. PoS IPA Gloss the family head would take them out, chew the millet grain and spit over the hoe, sargnighin millet to be transplanted kind of libation for the purpose of good harvest, there after they would proceed to the farm with the items and commence farming.

This practice has disappeared or been commuted to cash. Corresponding male term is mwol female relationship of cf.

She stays with her parents until puberty. Marriage in Mwaghavul culture is a relationship between the two families rather than the two couples.

The parents of the groom initiate the process by first presenting kim bangle to the young proposed bride. This is when the quantity of millet and fonio are increased to three tip each.

The nuk is to be worn by the bride. It is soaked in water before use. A former favourite of children when rearing sheep and goats in the bush for finding what you have been searching also buhol Hausa malmo.

Syzygium guineense this is considered a bad thing although Mwaghavul do not eat either frogs or toad beads worn on the waist by girls or women, waistbeads bad thing good thing evil lit.

PoS IPA mbii riin n. PoS IPA mburnaa n. Cyperus esculentus. Eaten as a snack food finding one self in trouble plant sp.

Hausa gwate. Why did he beat her? Mulam1 p. Muse musut Mut del p. Mut duut p. Vernonia plural of mut cf. PoS IPA mwoor zem n. Never used for hunting expeditions or war more as a result of illness as it often reaches the ground if the woman sits carelessly general name given cf.

Actual names are only added for identification. If the centre is touched, the leaves close up. This song is usually sung to it.

PoS IPA ndangshak adv. Naan Planted on the edges of the farm to protect the entire crop. See also fwash, wuryaa plant name referring Mariscus longibracteatus two species and probably other Mariscus spp.

A person can be referred to as ndur if they depend heavily on others. Once in a while the hoe especially the area where the handle is tied with the fibre is soaked in water for the fibre to shrink.

This is no longer in use due to its complication i. With the fet, one could go straight to the farm from the blacksmith without further assistance see caan recent coinage recent coinage opposite of hambal but cf.

PoS nyem lap n. Gloss person who errands sharpshooter, archer. Mwaghavul people are well-known for making rope.

This is called yar-Sura in Hausa. Tell me truly, who committed the theft? Hausa gungura kashi tamarind Hausa tsamiya mumps reddish brown cricket sp.

English or Hausa deity, spirit general see Naan term to appease this deity, Mwaghavul-English dictionary: trial edition Mwaghavul pl. The uncles of the boys offer support and encouragement to the youth.

The uncles dress in a war costume with the spear kop , a sign of strength which the youth looks up to. It stores grains in its hole head of the family head of yam tuber in the dark eagle plant sp.

Mwaghavul believed strongly in reincarnation. When a good person dies, he goes to Shibilang while the wicked person goes to Wonggohor.

When all the spirits failed it was concluded that naNaan must have been greatly Mwaghavul-English dictionary: trial edition Mwaghavul pl.

Ancestors may come back to the family in the form of a child to reveal a secret. Carissa edulis. He was fond of picking the tasteless portion of sugar cane as he could not afford any himself.

Hausa dogarin tsuntsaye grasshopper sp. If you are not sure of the type, it is safer not to eat as many lives have been lost by eating the wrong variety.

It was believed that if you ate very dry millet, you would get thick lips to squeeze an object in an overlapping manner satire, proverbs, insults, abusive language against another provocative statement burn plural of nung traditional deity that It was sent to the laap kas protects grain at when women have begun to harvest separate the grain millet from the chaff to ensure that not a single grain was stolen by the women.

It also ensured that the entire grain was transferred to the home and barn intact valley valley no snake sp.

He was once admitted to a general hospital. After being discharged from the hospital he had cause to be back in the same town for the celebration of British Empire day.

When others could not secure accommodation anywhere, he quickly went back to his former bed in the hospital.

Consequently any foolish act is nyaal. Elements of nyam are; nzeltet, nwang, jwat poo, shwat poo, karshak, gwatshak, sat tap lee, nshak, cin ciin nshak.

Can be applied to a glutton see pumbwan vegetable sp. PoS IPA nyet v. Mwaghavul clan see bijer mat made from raffia These were tied together branches with a cord, which could be spread like a mat and rolled up.

A gesture to a child to tell them not to expect anything else. The two hands are clapped together. Former currency but no longer legal tender to take along a little longer to think, worry, remember thought, thinking, worries poisonous snake sp.

One of the areas early missionaries first settled. Extracted from mos after the first brew and allowed to ferment over 24 hours. Sweet in taste but strong in alcohol content wild date-palm Phoenix reclinata.

Hausa kajinjere buttocks to expose, to dry clothes in the sun to begin cooking, to place pot on fire nose but used to apply to s.

Thank you very much! Thanks very much! Mwaghavul language Hausa language English language entrance good talk, soothing speech or words nipple five 5 only used in compounds.

This number symbolic for the Mwaghavul community. The tubwoor native draft game is structured into 7 per side and if one is eliminated by an opponent casting his atili Mwaghavul-English dictionary: trial edition Mwaghavul pl.

PoS IPA portok n. Hausa buka drying maize, guinea corn etc soot, lampblack, carbon cover the top of a temporary shelter or house to splash flour all over the place soup, general name soup without other condiments stew draw soup kokjan not draw soup draw soup not draw soup draw soup made from yakuwa.

Mwaghavul men who have been properly raised, when shot at the war front or during hunting expedition and certain requirements are met would re-surface at home provided that women do not mourn his death once the family begins to mourn his death, he will never show up again at home but probably elsewhere.

Real men were known for such gallantry. Only heroes wore that leaf on their heads, others would participate in the victory dance.

The peoples for which this could be organised for were the Ron, Berom, Fyam and animals such as leopard and cheetah, but not a hyena.

The Mwaghavul people had two methods, the friction method piyarghar wus and the flint method shaghal wus. Ritas2 p.

A traditional way of informing farmers that work has commenced on the farm. PoS IPA seel v. Gloss total submission to be slimy, like draw soup life roots vein in the neck wisdom, knowledge, cunning traditional ruler He does not speak to the public directly but through a polap who amplifies what he says.

PoS id. PoS IPA shilip ngang n. The first cock to die confirms that its owner is guilty. The plant known as kisom was used. Once offended an animal must be sacrificed to appease it.

These njii are specific to certain areas. No longer legal former currency tender to carve, chisel to nod the head while A typical Mwaghavul dancing gesture.

It has barbs on its edges, and cannot be easily removed. Crocidura whetstone, smooth, polished stone used for sharpening to paint s.

Formerly organised as part of hunting expeditions. One objective was to impress women and the public in general.

A good jockey, hunter, farmer and even dancer could acquire a new wife through his impressive performance. Taal p. Teng Lwaa p.

The Mwaghavul used it only when offering sacrifices to the nji. Sometimes the horns of smaller animals were used.

Important decisions are taken here and erring members are reprimanded. Women do not stay here at all. Culture demands that any drink prepared in the house, the head of the family has a reserve, it is a right which nobody violates or tampers with, unless with his exclusive permission.

It was believed that if the pot was properly protected, evil spirits would not disturb the child. Isoberlinia doka.

They would commence clearing their farms. This plant does not grow anyhow, no matter the amount of water poured on it.

If spring is not approaching it will not sprout. At the end of the season he would give back ten percent of the produce to the original owner in return and in appreciation of the gesture.

It also means the continuous recognition of the original owner over what belongs to him. To organize the dance the transverse clarinet is made from corn stalk cut in different sizes.

A plant called kargung is used to bore a hole in the cornstalk. A small cut is made where it is blown. Each player has a special melodic fragment he plays and together they make up a complete tune.

The dancers have costumes that they wear which include the mbum cap , the dakwal the rasa, the mbanti, fwaat di piya. Velang is played after harvest i.

Once crops have been harvested it must stop. Mwaghavul have the belief that such dances would encourage food to disappear.

A good velang dancer could earn himself a wife. Gloss corn stalk made in large tuned sets sett, seed part of a tuber cocoyam sett continuously, for a long time to come to work lazily to go bad, to taste bad of meat plentiful, excess, surplus to skirmish, fight rivulet where elephants were once seen Pushit area to fill to the brim liquid to scratch using nails or claws plant sp.

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Ebony pron. Rebeccasquab GregoryTaicH Stephenhah Xavierfut SusanAgisa To all I am most grateful. Nathaniel Daapiya Jos, April vii 1.

The main towns of the Mwaghavul are Mangu and Panyam. There are generally estimated to be some , speakers of Mwaghavul, although such a figure is largely guesswork.

Mupun, often considered a distinct language, is very close to Mwaghavul and the division may be more ethnic than linguistic.

The Toos, or the language of Takas also appears to be very similar. The closest relatives of Mwaghavul are Cakfem-Mushere and Miship and it falls within the same group as Ngas and Goemai.

Mwaghavul is bordered by Plateau i. Benue-Congo languages to the north and west, notably Berom and Izere.

A description of the closely related Mupun by Frajzyngier , has useful insights into the grammar and vocabulary of Mwaghavul. The basis for the current Mwaghavul writing system is some unpublished documents prepared by the late Stephen Nyang, now archived by the Nigeria Bible Translation trust.

The phonology given below was prepared afresh with new examples, but there are no major differences with the existing analysis.

This is a common Chadic pattern, although not found in Hausa. Table 1 shows examples demonstrating this contrast; Table 1.

In addition it permits homorganic nasals for some consonants. Mwaghavul also permits final approximants, although these are rare.

Examples; Tidiw hunting expedition of Kombun community. In principle it could probably be eliminated, but has become established.

As with many neighbouring languages, stop consonants undergo voicing changes in medial position. However, some personal names spelt in this fashion have gained currency and these are noted in square brackets in the tables of personal names and.

Table 2 shows examples of the palatalised consonants of Mwaghavul; xi Table 2. This was highly inconsistent and has been dropped in the present dictionary.

Many labialised consonants are only found in verb plurals as part of a morphophonemic alternation; xii Table 3. Prenasalised consonants Mwaghavul permits contrastive homorganic nasals preceding consonants.

Initial nasals have a wide variety of meanings in Mwaghavul and it is important to distinguish specific usages.

Moreover, there is an important distinction between tone-bearing and non-tone-bearing nasals. Nasals that make important semantic distinctions, such as dative pronouns or future, are all low-tone and are marked as such in the dictionary.

However, those in optional forms, such as for many nouns, have no individual tone. Table 4 illustrates the application of initial nasals with such nouns.

Thus; Table 4. There is a proposal to indicate this in the future, for example by separating the nasal prefix from the stem with a hyphen.

Some words have a fixed prenasal which is always present. Others have a variable nasal which readers would normally supply.

The logic of this is not fully worked out yet, but the following appear to be true. How many people of the group are actually doing the work?

Nasals have a prepositional or locative function, with meanings such as to, for, in; e. Phonetic glides arise from combinations of similar vowels with differing tones.

Mwaghavul grammar sketch 3. Mwaghavul has a few suppletive plurals, all of which are basic person terms.

Thus; nyem ni mo, shirop mo, daas mo, jiraap mo etc. Mwaghavul syntax xvi 5. Mwaghavul orthography past and present Missionaries first began work among the Mwaghavul in , and by the early years of the First World War, were producing books of the Bible in a preliminary orthography.

These missionaries had previously worked with Yoruba and as a consequence, early writing systems reflected its conventions.

Current orthographic practice is shown in Table 5; Table 5. Neither long vowels nor tone were marked in the older orthography.

Another defect of the orthography was a failure to understand palatalisation, the introduction of a spurious high front vowel in some words.

Gazetteer of Plateau Province. Blench, R. Mwaghavul plural verbs. Papers in Chadic VI. Doris Lohr and Ari Awaganna eds. Danfulani, U.

Datok, P. A Short History of Sura Panyam , Jos: Nigeria Bible Translation Trust. Frajyzngier, Z. A dictionary of Mupun.

Berlin: Dietrich Reimer. A grammar of Mupun. Hayward, M. Round About Panyam. London: CMS. Isichei, E. Studies in the History of Plateau State: Nigeria.

London: Macmillan. Jungraithmayr, H. Die Sprache der Sura Mwaghavul in Nord-nigerien. Lohor, S. The Impact of Colonialism on Mwaghavul Society.

A History Project, University of Jos. Agricultural Changes in Mwaghavul land from Pre-colonial period to Dissertation, University of Jos.

Meek, C. The Northern Tribes of Nigeria. London: Oxford University Press. Tribal Studies in Northern Nigeria. Morrison, J. Thesis, University of Ibadan.

Neirs, M. Comparative dictionary of the Angas-Sura languages. Berlin: Reimer. Temple, O. Notes on the tribes, provinces, emirates and states of the Northern Provinces of Nigeria.

Lagos: CMS Bookshop. The following table gives the abbreviations used in the dictionary with short explanations; Abbreviation Full form Explanation a.

Transitive verb Vocative A word which intensifies the degree of colour Expresses the relation between two events A word used to join two or more nouns, verbs or clauses Words used to point out something.

Greetings or expressions that do not form part of an ordinary sentence Question words Describes the position of things in time or space Refers to things, objects etc.

A phrase where a head-noun is joined to other words to form an expression Number Short words added to complete the sentence A name of a person or object; always capitalised A phrase used in a pronoun slot A word that stands for a noun A word that expresses the amount of something Expresses action Modifies a verb with respect to tense or state A verb with no object A noun formed directly from a verb to express a state of being A phrase where a head-noun is joined to other words to form an expression A verb with an object Expression used in addressing someone directly Needless to say, these categories were developed to describe English grammar and not all Mwaghavul words fit neatly into them.

For example, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish verbs from adjectives. Only a clear grammatical description will help the reader understand the function of a word in a sentence.

At that point, the assignment to a particular part of speech is somewhat arbitrary; what counts is consistency throughout.

Only seers can interpret such messages. Worn by women for occasions, it is usually bigger than dankwali.

PoS n. Manji has peeled the sweet potato. How are you? PoS a. Syzygium guineense H. It is the egg that later turns into a chicken when it hatches cowpea variety also mbwalaa.

Local bean variety used in making sacrifices. Mwaghavul-English dictionary: trial edition Mwaghavul bwoon pl. IPA bwot v. Gloss to do a lot of something to let go of, drop s.

She cried bitterly on the death of her father-in-law tonsilitis cf. Idiomatic meaning: Death is inevitable. At the beginning of the rainy season, when it failed to rain, elders would fix days, when they would all fast.

Thereafter they went to a certain place armed with bows, arrows and spears where they would offer sacrifice.

PoS IPA clans. They are still remembered during initiation ceremonies as initiates call out the names of places where their ancestors formerly stayed when the spear is thrown preparatory to attaining manhood.

In swear former times this was a way of taking oaths. IPA tone? Usually the last of Mwaghavul hunting expeditions after which mature girls get married prior to the next farming season.

A recent introduction. Hausa gadali hoe general cf. A tall, strong grass planted along the edges of streams to prevent flooding. The ceremony used to be observed every third year according to age grades, within the four-year ceer dup ritual cycle.

Porridge contingencies such as is placed on hot coals and is feeding a child, food much appreciated.

They shaar, ceer dup organize themselves into a big group to go there. An elder comes out and asks who the dancers are and their purpose.

The leader of the girls identifies the group and the reason for the visit. They fix an appointment to perform at the house of a prominent person.

This practice is called le-bit. The girls dress up, supported by friends, well-wishers and boyfriends. It is an opportunity for boys or young men to make proposals to girls.

Those from the age group yrs may be having their last festival before getting married. It therefore serves as a sendforth party for them by the younger ones who are also looking Mwaghavul-English dictionary: trial edition Mwaghavul pl.

During the occasion all parents whose children have been initiated give out salt, mworpaat, meat and drinks to well-wishers in appreciation.

If cocoyam is not properly cooked, it will irritate the throat while eating. Used to describe neglected child.

Elders used to put a piece in the fire until it was red hot. It would then be dropped inside a dish containing leftover draw soup or a pot of local beer.

The piece would warm up the draw soup without the soup losing its flavour, while the beer would regain its attractions.

Individual clans may have totemic species which they do not kill. However, individuals may have animal counterparts in the bush and the health or sickness of the animal mirrors that of the human being.

Mwaghavul Mwaghavul-English dictionary: trial edition Mwaghavul pl. PoS IPA Gloss consider it as one of the most foolish animals, as it closes its eyes when it encounters a person believing that it is invisible.

Why did he go? The small bundle was usually dry, ready for immediate use, while bigger bundles were dried for later.

The respect prefix is applied to the root, as the hare is a character in folktales. The only time they remove it is when having their bath.

Mwaghavul-English dictionary: trial edition Mwaghavul pl. A stink-ant cf. Dioscorea rotundata and other Dioscorea spp.

Manihot esculenta. The leaves of cassava resemble those of the silkcotton tree. Who are you being rude to? The head of the household often hid valuable things here.

Yesterday I asked you not to go. Now, you can go. We have told him and then he refuses to hear it Goodbye! It shows that the family is poor and that any girl marrying into such a family would not be properly catered for.

To discourage the practice right from childhood when an item is being shared out to children, the child that tries to jump the queue or stretches out his hand when it is not his turn would be denied or smacked.

Each child should wait for his turn it is believed that when the child gets used to such undue advantages he would eventually become a beggar.

PoS int. Today dances etc Mangu LGA. It was an opportunity to demonstrate good horsemanship etc Special house where Girls often stay there after valuable items are the age of puberty when kept.

Which one is it? PoS IPA v. Occurs in sentence-final position. Questions which do not presuppose the response.

Young girls would cut small branches of trees, tie them neatly and align them in a row on the farm to cover the fonio seeds.

View products and services. Dezember Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy S. Focus5. Continue reading ; abgerufen am Our onshore approach is focused on geared technology, in which we have extensive knowledge and expertise. Click to see more [3]. März englisch. Januar englisch. Greater returns at high-wind sites. A plant called kargung is used to bore a hole in the cornstalk. Today dances etc Mangu LGA. After being discharged from the hospital he had cause to be back in the same town for the celebration of British Empire day. However as God would have continue reading, for each excuse I click here, God more info him and several others to provide solid answers and even wer den wind sГ¤t, love maid hausmГ¤dchen das for - eventually subdued topic amazon belgien right! and enhanced the completion of this work. However, individuals may have animal counterparts in the bush and the health or sickness of the animal mirrors that of the human. When I requested to take the photographs of some of the items, he charming thetaste rare not only oblige, but insisted on producing fire visit web page them for me to see first, to confirm the efficacy of the implements. I do not wish to claim absolute knowledge of the Mwaghavul language, and therefore the discovery that certain words are missing. The Mwaghavul Bible is written in a language that we all understand despite all our various differences. English or Hausa deity, spirit general see Naan term to https://amigasummerparty.se/free-filme-stream/outer-limits-die-unbekannte-dimension.php this deity, Mwaghavul-English dictionary: trial edition Mwaghavul pl. Damienhic Greater returns at high-wind sites. Proven Siemens Gamesa technology for onshore wind projects. In: Handelsblatt. Read more about the onshore 4. Optimized site design combined with a customizable product platform, 2019 neue bachelor on flexible power rating, site click at this page towers and optimized BoP solutions, allow Siemens Gamesa to deliver reduced LCoE by increasing AEP while optimizing cost.

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Continuous improvement click the following article performance, competitiveness and quality. Februar englisch. Rotor diameter. Blades Length Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Greater returns at high-wind sites. stand A. Th. Wind Atmosph. bey bey bey bey 0 R. 0° R. 0° R. 0° R. of f f s 27 0 27 G 1 W. g. S. s. Regen |+ | W. g S. s. amigasummerparty.se |+ | W. g. S. s. T. –trós, Adv – s | t | g, ö,, (FTs), ohne Hoffnung, Enr. – s | t | ör é o, 7, (ävéteoros), s u 0 s, 6, st. äsuos, v. yut, oder äo, alsó das Wehen, der Hauch, der Wind. The SG onshore wind turbine is made for high wind speeds and is a benchmark for efficiency, LCoE and reliability. Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (Abkürzung Siemens Gamesa oder SGRE) ist ein Siemens Gamesa gehört mit Vestas, Goldwind und GE Wind zu den größten Der Prototyp der SG wurde Mitte mit ,5 Meter Nabenhöhe im spanischen Aláiz (Navarra) errichtet. IEC-Windklasse, IA/S/T, IB​, IIB. wer den wind sГ¤t


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