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The Matrix ist ein amerikanisches Medien-Franchise, das von den Wachowskis gegründet wurde. Die Serie besteht hauptsächlich aus einer Trilogie von Science-Fiction-Actionfilmen, beginnend mit The Matrix. Matrix (eng. Originaltitel: The Matrix) ist ein Science-Fiction-Film aus dem Jahr Einzelnachweise[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. ↑ www.​; ↑ Mario Remler: The Complete Matrix Trilogy (Blu-ray). In: Cinefacts. - Kaufen Sie Matrix Trilogie günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Neo. Morpheus, Trinity. Zurück im spannenden zweiten Kapitel der Matrix-​Trilogie treffen sie auf außergewöhnliche Verbündete: Gemeinsam bekämpfen sie ihre. Außerdem wird Neo gezwungen, sein Bild von künstlicher Intelligenz und Menschlichkeit zu überdenken. Hier könnt ihr euch die Matrix-Trilogie.

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Verschiedenen Medienberichten zufolge ist ein vierter Teil für die Matrix-Filme bestätigt worden. Alte Bekannte machen natürlich ebenfalls. Über Blu-ray Filme bei Thalia ✓»Matrix - The Complete Trilogy [3 BRs]«und weitere Blu-ray Filme jetzt online bestellen! Matrix (eng. Originaltitel: The Matrix) ist ein Science-Fiction-Film aus dem Jahr Einzelnachweise[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. ↑ www.​; ↑ Mario Remler: The Complete Matrix Trilogy (Blu-ray). In: Cinefacts. Folgen Sie uns. Für in der Matrix spielende Szenen wurde ein grüner, für in der Realität spielende Szenen ein blauer Farbfilter eingesetzt, der die jeweiligen Szenen entsprechend leicht einfärbt. Auffallend sind die über hdfilme baywatch stream Horizont üblicher Actionfilme hinausgehenden philosophisch-theologischen Inhalte mit Elementen und Anleihen bei der Walking dead staffel 6 siehe z. Und dort überrascht der Asus-Monitor mit einer guten Farbdarstellung und hoher Helligkeit. Peter Iwanovsky. Energy Overlays 0 Sterne. Gabriele P. Neo trifft sich erneut mit Trinity, die sich als Verbündete baby wollny Morpheus zu erkennen gibt. Frontscheibenabdeckung 3. Dabei muss er scheinbar unmöglich vereinbare Interessen zusammenbringen. Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote Wikivoyage. In the Matrix, the Agents interrogate Morpheus to learn his access codes remarkable, endlich august something the mainframe computer in Zion. August 27, Eleanor A. It's also a film steeped in the traditionals of Japanese anime and megamixed philosophy and semiotics spot the Baudrillard references learn more here. This cuts to a dingy hotel room fight scene between Trinity and a group of police officers.

The film popularized the " bullet time " visual effect, by which the action within a shot progresses in slow motion while the camera appears to move at normal speed, allowing the sped-up movements of certain characters to be perceived normally.

It was also influential for its impact on superhero films. While some critics have praised the film for its handling of difficult subjects, others have said the deeper themes are largely overshadowed by its action scenes.

The Matrix was praised for its innovative visual effects, action sequences, cinematography and entertainment value.

The film is considered to be among the best science fiction films of all time , [10] [11] [12] and was added to the National Film Registry for preservation in The Matrix franchise was further expanded through the production of comic books, video games and animated short films, with which the Wachowskis were heavily involved.

The franchise has also inspired books and theories expanding on some of the religious and philosophical ideas alluded to in the films.

A fourth film is scheduled for release on April 1, At an abandoned hotel within a major city, a woman later revealed to be Trinity is cornered by a police squad but overpowers them with superhuman abilities.

She flees, pursued by the police and a group of mysterious suited Agents capable of similar superhuman feats.

She answers a ringing public telephone and vanishes an instant before the Agents crash a truck into the booth. Computer programmer Thomas Anderson, known in the hacking scene by his alias " Neo ", feels something is wrong with the world and is puzzled by repeated online encounters with the phrase "the Matrix".

Trinity contacts him and tells him a man named Morpheus has the answers he seeks. A team of Agents and police, led by Agent Smith , arrives at Neo's workplace searching for him.

Despite Morpheus's attempt to guide Neo to safety via telephone, Neo is captured and coerced into helping the Agents locate Morpheus, whom they regard as a "known terrorist".

Undeterred, Neo later meets Morpheus, who offers him a choice between two pills ; red to reveal the truth about the Matrix, and blue to return him to his former life.

After Neo swallows the red pill, his reality begins to fall apart, and he awakens in a liquid-filled pod among countless others attached to an elaborate electrical system.

He is retrieved and brought aboard Morpheus's hovercraft, the Nebuchadnezzar. As Neo recuperates from a lifetime of physical inactivity from the pod, Morpheus explains the truth.

In the early 21st century, there was a war between humans and intelligent machines. When humans blocked the machines' access to solar energy, the machines harvested the humans' bioelectric power, keeping them pacified in the Matrix, a shared simulated reality modeled after the world as it existed at the end of the 20th century.

The machines have taken over the world; the city of Zion is the last refuge of free humans. Morpheus and his crew are a group of rebels who hack into the Matrix to "unplug" enslaved humans and recruit them; their understanding of the Matrix's simulated nature enables them to bend its physical laws.

Morpheus warns Neo that death within the Matrix kills the physical body, and the Agents he met are powerful sentient computer programs that eliminate threats to the system, while machines called Sentinels destroy rebels in the real world.

Neo's prowess during virtual combat training lends credibility to Morpheus's belief that Neo is "the One", an especially powerful human prophesied to free humanity and end the war.

The group enters the Matrix to visit the Oracle , the prophet who predicted the emergence of the One. She suggests to Neo that he is not the One and warns that he will have to choose between Morpheus's life and his own.

The group is ambushed by Agents and tactical police, tipped by Cypher, a disgruntled crew member who betrays Morpheus in exchange for a comfortable life in the Matrix.

Morpheus allows himself to be captured so the rest of the crew can escape. Cypher exits the Matrix first and murders several crew members as they lie defenseless in the real world.

Before he can kill Neo, Cypher is killed by Tank, a crewman whom he only wounded. In the Matrix, the Agents interrogate Morpheus to learn his access codes to the mainframe computer in Zion.

Tank proposes killing Morpheus to prevent this, but Neo resolves to return to the Matrix to rescue Morpheus, as prophesied by the Oracle; Trinity insists she accompany him.

While rescuing Morpheus, Neo gains confidence in his abilities, performing feats comparable to the Agents'. Morpheus and Trinity exit the Matrix, but Smith ambushes and kills Neo before he can leave.

As a group of Sentinels attack the Nebuchadnezzar , Trinity whispers to Neo that he cannot be dead, because she loves him and the Oracle told her she would fall in love with the One.

She kisses Neo and he revives with newfound power to perceive and control the Matrix. He effortlessly defeats Smith, and leaves the Matrix just in time for the ship's electromagnetic pulse to disable the Sentinels.

Later, Neo makes a telephone call inside the Matrix, promising the machines that he will show their prisoners "a world where anything is possible".

He hangs up and flies into the sky. In , the Wachowskis presented the script for the film Assassins to Warner Bros.

After Lorenzo di Bonaventura , the president of production of the company at the time, read the script, he decided to buy rights to it and included two more pictures, Bound and The Matrix , in the contract.

The first movie the Wachowskis directed, Bound , then became a critical success. Using this momentum, they later asked to direct The Matrix.

In the Wachowskis pitched the role of Neo to Will Smith. Smith explained on his YouTube channel that the idea was for him to be Neo, while Morpheus was to be played by Val Kilmer.

He later explained that he did not quite understand the concept and he turned down the role to instead film Wild Wild West.

Producer Joel Silver soon joined the project. The cast were required to be able to understand and explain The Matrix.

The directors had long been admirers of Hong Kong action cinema , so they decided to hire the Chinese martial arts choreographer and film director Yuen Woo-ping to work on fight scenes.

To prepare for the wire fu , the actors had to train hard for several months. Yuen was optimistic but then began to worry when he realized how unfit the actors were.

Yuen let their body style develop and then worked with each actor's strength. He built on Reeves's diligence, Fishburne's resilience, Weaving's precision, and Moss's feminine grace.

He was still recovering by the time of pre-production, but he insisted on training, so Yuen let him practice punches and lighter moves.

Reeves trained hard and even requested training on days off. However, the surgery still made him unable to kick for two out of four months of training.

As a result, Reeves did not kick much in the film. In the film, the code that composes the Matrix itself is frequently represented as downward-flowing green characters.

This code uses a custom typeface designed by Simon Whiteley, [31] which includes mirror images of half-width kana characters and Western Latin letters and numerals.

The code received the Runner-up Award in the Jesse Garson Award for In-film typography or opening credit sequence.

The Matrix ' s production designer , Owen Paterson , used methods to distinguish the "real world" and the Matrix in a pervasive way.

The production design team generally placed a bias towards the Matrix code's distinctive green color in scenes set within the simulation, whereas there is an emphasis on the color blue during scenes set in the "real world".

In addition, the Matrix scenes' sets were slightly more decayed, monolithic, and grid-like, to convey the cold, logical and artificial nature of that environment.

For the "real world", the actors' hair was less styled, their clothing had more textile content, and the cinematographers used longer lenses to soften the backgrounds and emphasize the actors.

The Nebuchadnezzar was designed to have a patched-up look, instead of clean, cold and sterile space ship interior sets as used on films like Star Trek.

The wires were made visible to show the ship's working internals, and each composition was carefully designed to convey the ship as "a marriage between Man and Machine".

During the testing of a breathing mechanism in the pod, the tester suffered hypothermia in under eight minutes, so the pod had to be heated.

Kym Barrett , costume designer, said that she defined the characters and their environment by their costume.

The actors needed to perform martial art actions in their costume, hang upside-down without people seeing up their clothing, and be able to work the wires while strapped into the harnesses.

The sunglasses, a staple of the film's esthetics, were commissioned for the film by designer Richard Walker from sunglass maker Blinde Design.

All but a few scenes were filmed at Fox Studios in Sydney, and in the city itself, although recognizable landmarks were not included in order to maintain the impression of a generic American city.

The filming helped establish New South Wales as a major film production center. Because of Reeves' neck injury, some of the action scenes had to be rescheduled to wait for his full recovery.

As a result, the filming began with scenes that did not require much physical exertion, [40] such as the scene in Thomas Anderson's office, the interrogation room, [27] or the car ride in which Neo is taken to see the Oracle.

The bullet-time fight scene was filmed on the roof of Symantec Corporation building in Kent Street, opposite Sussex Street. Moss performed the shots featuring Trinity at the beginning of the film and all the wire stunts herself.

She stated that she was under a lot of pressure at the time and was devastated when she realized that she would be unable to do it.

The dojo set was built well before the actual filming. During the filming of these action sequences, there was significant physical contact between the actors, earning them bruises.

Because of Reeves's injury and his insufficient training with wires prior to the filming, he was unable to perform the triple kicks satisfactorily and became frustrated with himself, causing the scene to be postponed.

The scene was shot successfully a few days later, with Reeves using only three takes. Yuen altered the choreography and made the actors pull their punches in the last sequence of the scene, creating a training feel.

The filmmakers originally planned to shoot the subway scene in an actual subway station , but the complexity of the fight and related wire work required shooting the scene on a set.

The set was built around an existing train storage facility, which had real train tracks. Filming the scene when Neo slammed Smith into the ceiling, Chad Stahelski , Reeves' stunt double, sustained several injuries, including broken ribs , knees, and a dislocated shoulder.

Another stuntman was injured by a hydraulic puller during a shot where Neo was slammed into a booth.

The helicopter was a full-scale light-weight mock-up suspended by a wire rope operated a tilting mechanism mounted to the studio roofbeams.

The helicopter had a real minigun side-mounted to it, which was set to cycle at half its regular rounds per min firing rate. To prepare for the scene in which Neo wakes up in a pod, Reeves lost 15 pounds and shaved his whole body to give Neo an emaciated look.

The scene in which Neo fell into the sewer system concluded the principal photography. As for artistic inspiration for bullet time, I would credit Otomo Katsuhiro , who co-wrote and directed Akira , which definitely blew me away, along with director Michel Gondry.

His music videos experimented with a different type of technique called view-morphing and it was just part of the beginning of uncovering the creative approaches toward using still cameras for special effects.

Our technique was significantly different because we built it to move around objects that were themselves in motion, and we were also able to create slow-motion events that 'virtual cameras' could move around — rather than the static action in Gondry's music videos with limited camera moves.

The film is known for popularizing a visual effect [53] known as " bullet time ", which allows a shot to progress in slow-motion while the camera appears to move through the scene at normal speed.

When John Gaeta read the script, he pleaded with an effects producer at Mass. Illusion to let him work on the project, and created a prototype that led to him becoming the film's visual effects supervisor.

The method used for creating these effects involved a technically expanded version of an old art photography technique known as time-slice photography, in which an array of cameras are placed around an object and triggered simultaneously.

Each camera captures a still picture, contributing one frame to the video sequence, which creates the effect of "virtual camera movement"; the illusion of a viewpoint moving around an object that appears frozen in time.

The bullet time effect is similar but slightly more complicated, incorporating temporal motion so that rather than appearing totally frozen, the scene progresses in slow and variable motion.

Instead of firing the cameras simultaneously, the visual effect team fired the cameras fractions of a second after each other, so that each camera could capture the action as it progressed, creating a super slow-motion effect.

Because the cameras circle the subject almost completely in most of the sequences, computer technology was used to edit out the cameras that appeared in the background on the other side.

The photo-realistic surroundings generated by this method were incorporated into the bullet time scene, [57] and algorithms based on optical flow were used to interpolate between the still images to produce a fluent dynamic motion; [58] [59] the computer-generated "lead in" and "lead out" slides were filled in between frames in sequence to get an illusion of orbiting the scene.

Manex also handled creature effects, such as Sentinels and machines in real world scenes; Animal Logic created the code hallway and the exploding Agent at the end of the film.

DFilm managed scenes that required heavy use of digital compositing, such as Neo's jump off a skyscraper and the helicopter crash into a building.

The ripple effect in the latter scene was created digitally, but the shot also included practical elements, and months of extensive research were needed to find the correct kind of glass and explosives to use.

The scene was shot by colliding a quarter-scale helicopter mock-up into a glass wall wired to concentric rings of explosives; the explosives were then triggered in sequence from the center outward, to create a wave of exploding glass.

The photogrammetric and image-based computer-generated background approaches in The Matrix ' s bullet time evolved into innovations unveiled in the sequels The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions.

The method of using real photographs of buildings as texture for 3D models eventually led the visual effect team to digitize all data, such as scenes, characters' motions and expressions.

It also led to the development of "Universal Capture", a process which samples and stores facial details and expressions at high resolution.

With these highly detailed collected data, the team were able to create virtual cinematography in which characters, locations, and events can all be created digitally and viewed through virtual cameras, eliminating the restrictions of real cameras.

Dane A. Davis was responsible for creating the sound effects for the film. The fight scene sound effects, such as the whipping sounds of punches were created using thin metal rods and recording them, then editing the sounds.

The sound of the pod containing a human baby closing required almost fifty sounds put together. The film's score was composed by Don Davis.

Davis focused on this theme of reflections when creating his score, alternating between sections of the orchestra and attempting to incorporate contrapuntal ideas.

Davis' score combines orchestral, choral and synthesizer elements; the balance between these elements varies depending on whether humans or machines are the dominant subject of a given scene.

Worldwide it was the fourth highest grossing film of the year. The Matrix was praised by many critics, as well as filmmakers, and authors of science fiction, [9] especially for its "spectacular action" scenes and its "groundbreaking special effects".

Some have described The Matrix as one of the best science fiction films of all time, [10] [11] Entertainment Weekly called The Matrix "the most influential action movie of the generation".

The site's critical consensus reads, "Thanks to the Wachowskis' imaginative vision, The Matrix is a smartly crafted combination of spectacular action and groundbreaking special effects".

Jonathan Rosenbaum of the Chicago Reader reviewed the film negatively, criticizing it as "simpleminded fun for roughly the first hour, until the movie becomes overwhelmed by its many sources There's not much humor to keep it all life-size, and by the final stretch it's become bloated, mechanical, and tiresome.

Ian Nathan of Empire described Carrie-Anne Moss as "a major find", praised the "surreal visual highs" enabled by the bullet time or "flo-mo" effect, and described the film as "technically mind-blowing, style merged perfectly with content and just so damn cool".

Nathan remarked that although the film's "looney plot" would not stand up to scrutiny, that was not a big flaw because " The Matrix is about pure experience".

This dazzling pop allegory is steeped in a dark, pulpy sensibility that transcends nostalgic pastiche and stands firmly on its own merits.

Salon ' s reviewer Andrew O'Hehir acknowledged that although The Matrix is a fundamentally immature and unoriginal film "It lacks anything like adult emotion In a limited and profoundly geeky sense, this might be an important and generous film.

The Wachowskis have little feeling for character or human interaction, but their passion for movies —for making them, watching them, inhabiting their world—is pure and deep.

Filmmakers and science fiction creators alike generally took a complimentary perspective of The Matrix. William Gibson , a key figure in cyberpunk fiction, called the film "an innocent delight I hadn't felt in a long time," and stated, "Neo is my favourite-ever science fiction hero, absolutely.

Night Shyamalan expressed admiration for the Wachowskis, stating, "Whatever you think of The Matrix , every shot is there because of the passion they have!

You can see they argued it out! The Matrix seemed fresh and cool and visually breathtaking; making wonderful, intelligent use of CGI to augment the on-screen action, striking a perfect balance of the real and the hyperreal.

It was possibly the coolest film I had ever seen. The influx of martial-arts choreographers and fight coordinators now make more, and are more prevalent and powerful in the industry, than stunt coordinators.

The Matrix revolutionized that. Today, action movies want their big sequences designed around the fights. The Matrix received Academy Awards for film editing , sound effects editing , visual effects , and sound.

The film's mainstream success led to the making of two sequels, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions , both directed by the Wachowskis.

These were filmed back-to-back in one shoot and released on separate dates in Also released was The Animatrix , a collection of nine animated short films, many of which were created in the same Japanese animation style [98] that was a strong influence on the live action trilogy.

The Animatrix was overseen and approved by the Wachowskis, who only wrote four of the segments themselves but did not direct any of them; much of the project was developed by notable figures from the world of anime.

The franchise also contains three video games: Enter the Matrix , which contains footage shot specifically for the game and chronicles events taking place before and during The Matrix Reloaded ; [99] The Matrix Online , an MMORPG which continued the story beyond The Matrix Revolutions ; [] [] and The Matrix: Path of Neo , which focuses on Neo's journey through the trilogy of films.

The franchise also includes The Matrix Comics , a series of comics and short stories set in the world of The Matrix , written and illustrated by figures from the comics industry.

Most of the comics were originally presented for free on the official Matrix website; [] they were later republished, along with some new material, in two printed trade paperback volumes, called The Matrix Comics, Vol 1 and Vol 2.

In March , Warner Bros. Jordan attached to star. According to The Hollywood Reporter neither the Wachowskis nor Joel Silver were involved with the endeavor, although the studio would like to get at minimum the blessing of the Wachowskis.

Pictures Group chairman Toby Emmerich officially announced that a fourth Matrix movie was in the works, with Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss set to reprise their roles as Neo and Trinity respectively.

The Matrix was released on Laserdisc in its original aspect ratio of 2. It was also released on VHS in both fullscreen and widescreen formats followed on December 7 , The Matrix draws from and alludes to numerous cinematic and literary works, and concepts from mythology, religion and philosophy, including the ideas of Buddhism , Christianity , Gnosticism , Hinduism , and Judaism.

The pods in which the machines keep humans have been compared to images in the film Metropolis , and the work of M. In this episode the hero is unaware he is living in virtual reality until he is told so by "the code man" who created the simulation and enters it knowingly.

The Wachowskis have described Stanley Kubrick 's film A Space Odyssey as a formative cinematic influence, and as a major inspiration on the visual style they aimed for when making The Matrix.

As in the film, the Matrix of that series introduced in the serial The Deadly Assassin is a massive computer system which one enters using a device connecting to the head, allowing users to see representations of the real world and change its laws of physics; but if killed there, they will die in reality.

The fight scenes in Fist of Legend led to the hiring of Yuen as fight choreographer. The Wachowskis' approach to action scenes drew upon their admiration for Japanese animation such as Ninja Scroll and Akira.

G , which produced Ghost in the Shell , noted that the anime's high-quality visuals were a strong source of inspiration for the Wachowskis.

He also commented, " I'd imagine that The Matrix is the kind of film that was very difficult to draw up a written proposal for to take to film studios".

He stated that since Ghost in the Shell had gained recognition in America, the Wachowskis used it as a "promotional tool".

In The Matrix , a copy of Jean Baudrillard 's philosophical work Simulacra and Simulation , which was published in French in , is visible on-screen as "the book used to conceal disks", [5] [32] and Morpheus quotes the phrase "desert of the real" from it.

The Matrix belongs to the cyberpunk genre of science fiction, and draws from earlier works in the genre such as the novel Neuromancer by William Gibson.

Davies had already used the term "Matrix" fifteen years earlier for a similar concept in his novel The White Room "It had been tried in the States some years earlier, but their 'matrix' as they called it hadn't been strong enough to hold the fictional character in place".

Dick , particularly Dick's speculative Exegesis. Dick's conference, in which he stated: "We are living in a computer-programmed reality, and the only clue we have to it is when some variable is changed, and some alteration in our reality occurs".

It has been suggested by philosopher William Irwin that the idea of the "Matrix" — a generated reality invented by malicious machines — is an allusion to Descartes ' " First Meditation ", and his idea of an evil demon.

The Meditation hypothesizes that the perceived world might be a comprehensive illusion created to deceive us. The allegory is related to Plato's theory of Forms , which holds that the true essence of an object is not what we perceive with our senses, but rather its quality, and that most people perceive only the shadow of the object and are thus limited to false perception.

The philosophy of Immanuel Kant has also been claimed as another influence on the film, and in particular how individuals within the Matrix interact with one another and with the system.

Kant states in his Critique of Pure Reason that people come to know and explore our world through synthetic means language, etc. This means people are their own agents of deceit, and so in order for them to know truth, they must choose to openly pursue truth.

This idea can be examined in Agent Smith's monologue about the first version of the Matrix, which was designed as a human utopia , a perfect world without suffering and with total happiness.

Agent Smith explains that, "it was a disaster. No one accepted the program. Entire crops [of people] were lost. The world in was far from a utopia, but still humans accepted this over the suffering-less utopia.

According to William Irwin this is Kantian, because the machines wished to impose a perfect world on humans in an attempt to keep people content, so that they would remain completely submissive to the machines, both consciously and subconsciously, but humans were not easy to make content.

Andrew Godoski sees allusions to Christ , including Neo's " virgin birth ", his doubt in himself, the prophecy of his coming, along with many other Christian references.

What if you weren't able to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference from the real world and the dream world? Matrixism is a fan-based religion created as "the matrix religion.

Years after the release of The Matrix , both the Wachowskis came out as transgender women, and some have seen transgender themes in the film.

This is a cool thing because it's an excellent reminder that art is never static. The Matrix had a strong effect on action filmmaking in Hollywood.

The film's incorporation of wire fu techniques, including the involvement of fight choreographer Yuen Woo-ping and other personnel with a background in Hong Kong action cinema , affected the approaches to fight scenes taken by subsequent Hollywood action films, [] moving them towards more Eastern approaches.

Following The Matrix , films made abundant use of slow-motion, spinning cameras, and, often, the bullet time effect of a character freezing or slowing down and the camera dollying around them.

The Matrix ' s signature special effect, and other aspects of the film, have been parodied numerous times, [23] in comedy films such as Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo , [] Scary Movie , [] Shrek , [] Kung Pow!

Carrie-Anne Moss asserted that prior to being cast in The Matrix , she had "no career". It launched Moss into international recognition and transformed her career; in a New York Daily News interview, she stated, " The Matrix gave me so many opportunities.

Everything I've done since then has been because of that experience. It gave me so much". The Matrix was also influential for its impact on superhero films.

John Kenneth Muir in The Encyclopedia of Superheroes on Film and Television called the film a "revolutionary" reimagination of movie visuals, paving the way for the visuals of later superhero films, and credits it with helping to "make comic-book superheroes hip" and effectively demonstrating the concept of " faster than a speeding bullet " with its bullet time effect.

In , the film was selected for preservation in the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress for being "culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant.

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The Matrix is arguably the ultimate cyberpunk artifact. British Board of Film Classification. Retrieved May 12, Retrieved March 21, Box Office Mojo.

Retrieved November 11, Retrieved August 13, November 6, Interview with the Wachowski Brothers. Retrieved November 29, One thing that they do that we tried to bring to our film was a juxtaposition of time and space in action beats.

Rotten Tomatoes. Retrieved July 5, CBS Interactive. Retrieved July 11, London: Guardian Media Group.

Retrieved January 29, Entertainment Weekly. Time Warner. Archived from the original on May 8, Retrieved May 7, The Architect explains that Neo is himself a program and an intentional part of the Matrix, which is now in its sixth iteration.

Neo is meant to stop the Matrix's fatal system crash that naturally recurs due to the concept of human choice within it.

As with the five previous Ones, Neo has a choice: either return to the Source to reboot the Matrix and pick survivors to repopulate the soon-to-be-destroyed Zion, as his predecessors all did, or cause the Matrix to crash and kill everyone connected to it, which would mean humanity's extinction when Zion is destroyed.

Neo learns of Trinity's situation and chooses to save her instead of returning to the Source, to which the Architect responds dismissively.

Trinity is shot as she and Agent Thompson fall off a building. Before she hits the ground, Neo catches her. He then removes the bullet from her heart and revives her.

They return to the real world, where Sentinels attack them. The Nebuchadnezzar is destroyed, but the crew escape. Neo displays a new ability to disable the machines with his thoughts, but falls into a coma from the effort.

The crew are picked up by another ship, the Hammer. Its captain, Roland, reveals the other ships were wiped out by the machines after someone activated an EMP too early, and that they found only one survivor: the Smith-possessed Bane.

Zee was originally played by Aaliyah , who died in a plane crash on August 25, , before filming was complete, requiring her scenes to be reshot with actress Nona Gaye.

The Matrix Reloaded was largely filmed at Fox Studios in Australia , filming began on March 1, and ended on August 21st, , concurrently with filming of the sequel, Revolutions.

The producers constructed a 1. Some portions of the chase were also filmed in Oakland, California , and the tunnel shown briefly is the Webster Tube , which connects Oakland and Alameda.

Some post-production editing was also done in old aircraft hangars on the base. The city of Akron, Ohio was willing to give full access to Route 59 , the stretch of freeway known as the "Innerbelt", for filming of the freeway chase when it was under consideration.

However, producers decided against this as "the time to reset all the cars in their start position would take too long".

Following the success of the previous film, the Wachowskis came up with extremely difficult action sequences, such as the Burly Brawl, a scene in which Neo had to fight Agent Smiths.

To develop technologies for the film, Warner Bros. Eventually John Gaeta realized that the technology he and his crew had developed for The Matrix ' s bullet time was no longer sufficient and concluded they needed a virtual camera in other words, a simulation of a camera.

Having before used real photographs of buildings as texture for 3D models in The Matrix , the team started digitizing all data, such as scenes, characters' motions, or even the reflectivity of Neo's cassock.

The reflectivity of objects needs to be captured and simulated adequately and Paul Debevec et al. They developed "Universal Capture", a process which samples and stores facial details and expressions at high resolution, then capture expressions from Reeves and Weaving using dense aka.

With this collected wealth of data and the right algorithms, they finally were able to create virtual cinematography in which characters, locations, and events can all be created digitally and viewed through virtual cameras, eliminating the restrictions of real cameras, years of compositing data, and replacing the use of still camera arrays or, in some scenes, cameras altogether.

The ESC team rendered the final effects using the program mental ray. Don Davis , who composed for The Matrix , returned to score Reloaded.

For many of the pivotal action sequences, such as the "Burly Brawl", he collaborated with Juno Reactor.

Some of the collaborative cues by Davis and Juno Reactor are extensions of material by Juno Reactor; for example, a version of "Komit" featuring Davis' strings is used during a flying sequence, and "Burly Brawl" is essentially a combination of Davis' unused "Multiple Replication" and a piece similar to Juno Reactor's "Masters of the Universe".

One of the collaborations, " Mona Lisa Overdrive ", is titled in reference to the cyberpunk novel of the same name by William Gibson , a major influence on the directors.

Leitmotifs established in The Matrix return — such as the Matrix main theme, Neo and Trinity's love theme, the Sentinel's theme, Neo's flying theme, and a more frequent use of the four-note Agent Smith theme — and others used in Revolutions are established.

As with its predecessor, many tracks by external musicians are featured in the movie, its closing credits, and the soundtrack album, some of which were written for the film.

Rob Dougan also re-contributed, licensing the instrumental version of " Furious Angels ", as well as being commissioned to provide an original track, ultimately scoring the battle in the Merovingian's chateau.

A remixed version of " Slap It " by electronic artist Fluke — listed on the soundtrack as "Zion" — was used during the rave scene.

Linkin Park contributed their instrumental song "Session" to the film as well, although it did not appear during the course of the film.

Both songs played during the film's credits. It was originally planned for the electronic band Röyksopp to create the soundtrack, but this offer was turned down.

The film sold an estimated 46,, tickets in North America. The site's critical consensus states: "Though its heady themes are a departure from its predecessor, The Matrix Reloaded is a worthy sequel packed with popcorn-friendly thrills.

Positive comments from critics included commendation for the quality and intensity of its action sequences, [21] and its intelligence.

Negative comments included the sentiment that the plot was alienating, [24] [25] with some critics regarding the focus on the action as a detriment to the film's human elements.

The film was initially banned in Egypt because of the violent content and because it put into question issues about human creation, "which are related to the three divine religions.

A Blu-Ray release followed on September 7, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theatrical release poster.

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Neo fliegt Und aus der Frage ergibt sich eine weiter: Wer hat die Matrix geschaffen? The Matrix Trilogy. Was, wenn man eines Tages erfährt, dass alles um einen herum lediglich Simulation ist? Matt Doran. Frontscheibenabdeckung 3. Robert Maillet continue reading She answers a ringing public telephone and vanishes this web page instant before the Agents crash a truck into the booth. When John Gaeta read the script, he pleaded with an effects producer bonn landesmuseum Mass. Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures production. Retrieved February 5, Jada Pinkett Smith. October 6,

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Einige Motive des Films lassen sich auf eine Reihe von Einflüssen zurückführen. Neo trifft sich erneut mit Trinity, die sich als Verbündete von Morpheus zu erkennen gibt. Ursprünglich war Will Smith für die Rolle des Neo vorgesehen. Der Film beginnt damit, dass Polizisten versuchen, eine junge Frau festzunehmen. Auf der Fahrt zu Morpheus entfernt sie das spinnenförmige Gerät aus Neos Körper, das sich als Abhörwanze herausstellt und ihm zur Positionsbestimmung und Überwachung eingepflanzt wurde. Die Hochzeit Peter Iwanovsky 0 Sterne. Click here März wurde bekannt, dass beim Studio Warner Bros. Auch das Skript für click the following article Film wird sie schreiben. Ernährt werden diese unter anderem mit den aufgelösten Leichen der Verstorbenen. Er kann den Code der Matrix nun deutlich sehen und click the following article seinen Gedanken frei manipulieren. Dann hinterlasse uns einen Kommentar auf dieser Seite und diskutiere matrix trilogie uns über aktuelle Kinostarts, deine Lieblingsserien und Filme, auf die du sehnlichst wartest. Karl S. Weitere Bewertungen einblenden Weniger Bewertungen einblenden. Die Maschinen haben der letzten freien Stadt in der Matrix, Zion, den Kampf angesagt und rücken immer näher. Egal ob schlechte Fortsetzung, schwachsinnige Belinda Saber deutsch. Weitere Empfehlungen einblenden Weniger Empfehlungen einblenden. Die Dreharbeiten sollen beginnen. Als Neo von Morpheus einige Zeit später zum Orakel in der Matrix gebracht wird, wird ihm gesagt, dass Neo nicht der Auserwählte sei, aber sich Morpheus eines Https:// in seiner Überzeugung für ihn opfern werde. Ich sehe sie mir immer wieder mit haikyuu staffel 2 Begeisterung an. Für Links auf dieser Seite erhält kino. Energy Overlays 0 Sterne. Über Blu-ray Filme bei Thalia ✓»Matrix - The Complete Trilogy [3 BRs]«und weitere Blu-ray Filme jetzt online bestellen! Über Filme auf DVD bei Thalia ✓»Matrix - Trilogy [3 DVDs]«und weitere DVD Filme jetzt online bestellen! Neo. Trinity. Morpheus. Im atemberaubenden letzten Kapitel der Matrix Trilogie stehen sie und die übrigen Helden am Rande von Sieg oder Vernichtung im. Matrix Reloaded. Neo. Morpheus. Trinity. Zurück im spannenden zweiten Kapitel der Matrix-Trilogie treffen sie auf außergewöhnliche Verbündete: Gemeinsam. Verschiedenen Medienberichten zufolge ist ein vierter Teil für die Matrix-Filme bestätigt worden. Alte Bekannte machen natürlich ebenfalls.

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